Fervor and Frailty

from by A Palace In Persia

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I sought you out
And down the trickle i found you.
Lend me your wisdom.
I've seen this place through my fetal eyes
And in these desperate days I've found my resting place....

How strange is man.
How strange this land.
This land has changed.
The footprints of monstrosities have laid waste to this plain.

A storm of sound to hail the crown that reins over us.
With tongues a flame we'll set a blaze the straw in our heads.
Head on, head on, just keep your burning heads on.
Head on, Head on, We keep our burning heads on.
Trend scare, trend scar, what have we dug this trench for
Head on, Head on, We keep our burning heads on.
Trend scare, trend scar, we cower in this trench now...

What did you think?
That such inveterate marring could just be buried
and left to boil and weep?
The mouth of the earth screamed "dirty,"
So you had her bound and gaged,
with righteousness between her teeth
and progress placed over her head.
You've dirtied this water
And bore a plant more man than plant
More man than man.

The earth is on fire! The world is on fire!
Our eyes are on fire! Our ears are on fire!
Our thoughts are on fire! Our mouths leak flame!
O sweet apathy save my soul.
Where there is flesh there is fire.
Where there is flesh there is flame.

What more is an angel than
Bird and man
A burdened man
bird and man
A burning man.
What more is the devil than
A goat and man
Gold and man
A goat and man
Golden men.
These are the equations of fervor and frailty.


from Metaphenomena, track released April 20, 2007




A Palace In Persia Orlando, Florida

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